Terminals (TAG)

Terminal owners and managers of the corridor gather on a regular basis with the Management board of RFC North Sea - Med. These meetings enable close cooperation between them.


All presentations made during these meetings as well as the minutes of the meetings are available for download on this page.

TAG 30 May 2017, Marseille
Minutes - (to be added soon)
0. Agenda
Introduction by Port of Marseille
1. Expectations TAG for the Corridor (in meeting minutes)
2. What’s new on the corridor?
2.1. State of Play Sector priorities
3. Capacity allocations
4. Presentation TIS for Terminals
5. Presentations of terminals & open discussion (To be added soon and in meeting minutes)


TAG 12 October 2016, Amsterdam
Minutes - FINAL
0. Agenda
1. Introduction by Port of Amsterdam (To be added soon)
2. What's new on the corridor ?
3.1 Presentation Port of Ghent & Zeeland Seaports
3.2. Presentation Combinant
3.3. Port of Boulogne Calais: impact of refugees on Channel crossing transport
3.4. Presentation Port of Rotterdam
4.1. CID & CIP/GIS presentation
4.2. Presentation UIRR: Rail Freight Locations Portal
5. Capacity


TAG 23 September 2015, Paris
Performance of the corridor
Results of the 2014 customer satisfaction survey
What's new on the corridor ?
Capacity allocation
Port of Zeebrugge
Port of Calais
Port of Marseille
Terminals of DB Schenker UK (leaflet)
Terminals of DB Schenker UK (services)
Ports, terminals and rail corridors, Port of Antwerp
Train Information System (TIS)
Corridor Information Document (CID)
Loading gauge enhancement studies

TAG 26 June 2014, Antwerp
Progress of the corridor
Traffic management studies on maritime ports
The North Sea Mediterranean CNC
Information on terminals

TAG 9 October 2013, Rotterdam
Progress of the corridor
Consultation on the Implementation plan
Transport market study
Information on terminals

TAG 7 mars 2013, Paris
Flash of the minutes
Investment plan
Transport market study
Coordination between terminals & IMs
Gathering of terminals information data

TAG & RAG 27 June 2012, Brussels
Minutes of the meeting