Improved PCS available with implemented Evelope Concept



The PCS Envelope Concept Project reached a significant milestone and on 16th October 2019, PCS NG migrated to the new structure with the dossiers from TT2018 to TT2020. The development continues as some features and functions are not available yet. The next major development step is the implementation of the Path Modification and Alteration processes in the system, to be finalised by the end of November.

The new version has a new timetable structure. You can check already how your dossiers will look like, because we did a migration to the PCS School ( You can log in with your production credentials. Please go there and take a look on your dossiers. You can find more information about the migration on this link. If you like to provide feedback regarding the migration, you can do so with this webform.

PCS users are now familiarising themselves with the new GUI elements, the calendar consistency (avoiding overlapping days),  the border harmonisation (warning on not harmonised borders), using multiple PaPs on the same territory for different days, using local times and indicating time zones.

New trainings are planned by the Rail Freight Corridors in January and February. For the RFC North Sea – Mediterranean (together with the RFC Atlantic and Mediterranean, the training will take place in Brussels on the 29th and 30th of January. Our C-OSS remains available for all support concerning the new and improved PCS.