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A cookie is information that a website puts on a user's computer. Cookies store limited information from a web browser session on a given website that can then be retrieved in the future. They are also sometimes referred to as browser cookies, web cookies or internet cookies.

Cookies can be accessed by the browser user, the site a user is on or by a third party that might use the information for different purposes. Common use cases for cookies include session management, personalization and tracking.

The User is informed of the cookie creation during his first visit.

The User can delete and block cookies by following theses steps :

Please note, clarification regarding Youtube cookies: if you have previously given your consent to Youtube directly, then Youtube cookies will be placed regardless of the choice you have made on our site. To avoid having YouTube cookies, go to the following URL and delete them all via your browser.

Cookies tiers
Tag / Solution Cookie purpose Cookie name Lifespan of the cookie once placed on the terminal
Youtube The website has no control over the information collected by third parties because they act for their own brand  __Secure-3PSID

2 years


2 years


max 1 years
YSC Session
PREF 6 months
CONSENT 16 years


Piano Analytics (AT Internet) cookies are exempt from the need to obtain consent, as indicated in CNIL Judgment No. 2020-091, to the extent that they are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site.

You can refuse the processing of your personal browsing data by activating this option. Please note that by clicking on the following button, we will no longer be able to measure and improve our sites optimally: