Stakeholder consultation of the Implementation plan RFC North Sea-Med

We are in the update process of our Implementation Plan with due date publication by the end of this year.

Referring to the actual regulation 913/2010, a stakeholder consultation is foreseen in the update process of the Implementation Plan.

Therefore, we ask you to read attached DRAFT proposal of our Implementation Plan, and let us know all your comments & remarks on that regard:

Please let us know all remarks within the 4 coming weeks, the latest on Thursday 23th of November.

In order to have all your valuable input well noted and understood, we organise an online meeting to collect all your remaining feedback and also for us to have a correct understanding of all your input. This meeting will be the formal closing of the consultation period.

We foresee to hold this meeting on Thursday 23th of November, from 15h to 16h.

If you want to participate to this meeting, please contact Matthieu Maeselle to be included in the meeting.

It is advisable you send us all your input on beforehand, please send to Matthieu Maeselle if possible within the coming 3 weeks, so we can summarise and distribute during the last week of the consultation to you as input for the consultation closing meeting.

Thank you very much for taking our request in consideration, and thank you on beforehand for your valuable input in that regard.