Publication of the Annual Report 2022


Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Med stays fully committed to supporting rail freight in these challenging times

During the year 2022 we tilted from the Covid crisis into a geopolitical crisis with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This war and the ensuing energy crisis prolong the period of uncertainty that we face since the start of the Covid crisis and affects the customers of the Corridor.

This situation translates into a limited drop in traffic on RFC North Sea – Med, leading to a fifth year of decline in train numbers.

The Executive Board and Management Board are permanently monitoring the evolution and investigating underlying causes. They remain committed to reverse this negative trend.

Notwithstanding this ongoing decline, the Corridor has maintained its close proximity to its customers and partners throughout 2022.

The Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Mediterranean Annual Report 2022 with full details, facts & figures, can be found using this link to our website:

While awaiting amongst other developments, the Permanent Team, the members of the Management Board and the Executive Board, in cooperation with the Terminal and Railway undertaking Advisory Groups, will continue their mission of offering train paths, coordinating track works and monitoring performance in order to keep on facilitating international rail freight flows.

We wish you a pleasant reading of this document.

Valérie Verzele, Chair of the Executive Board of RFC NSM

Michaël Dierickx, Chair of the Assembly of the Management Baord of RFC NSM

Yann Le Floc’h, Managing Director of RFC NSM