-Update - A mudslide interrupts rail traffic in the Alps

Works on the railway line is going on and the cleaning and consolidation of the line is almost finalized. But, following previous storms some weeks ago in the same area other rockslides took place 7 km from the mudslide on the Modane railway line. Following these rockslides, the regional authority had requested to set off precautionary explosions in order to consolidate the environment and those works took place yesterday Monday the 15th of July.

SNCF R is now expecting more information from the experts of the regional authority to decide whether further explosions need to be set off in order to avoid any unstable rock fall.

Those experts should come back to them on the 24th/25th July.

The 3 alternatives routes are proposed to the RUs for the freight trains

•             Via Marseille - Ventimiglia - Genova (with limited capacity available);

•             Via Basel - Domodossola/Chiasso;

•             Via Genève - Domodossola/Chiasso;

In any cases the re-opening of the section is still forecasted: 31th of July 8:00am, with speed restrictions.