Publication of: PaP catalogue TT2025, CID's TT2024 Update & TT2025 and the Implementation Plan


We are pleased to announce that we published the following on our website: PaP Catalog TT 2025, CID's TT 2024 update and the CID TT 2025:

  • The PaP catalog for TimeTable 2025 is published in PCS this Monday 8th of January, you can access it by clicking here.
  • You can consult the summary in Excel that will be published on our website by clicking here (NB: V1 working version, please consult the dedicated capacity page for corrections updates the coming weeks).
  • As a reminder, you will find all information concerning capacity on the dedicated capacity page by clicking here.
  • The CID for TimeTable 2024 Update and TimeTable 2025 and updated Implemenation Plan are also published on our website on the 8th of January, you can directly consult it by clicking: