Publication of: PaP catalogue TT2024, CID's TT2023 Update & TT2024

We are pleased to announce that we published the following on our website: PaP Catalog TT 2024, CID's TT 2023 update and the CID TT 2024:

  • The PaP catalog for TimeTable 2023 is published in PCS this Monday 9th of January, you can access it by clicking here.
  • You can consult the summary in Excel that will be published on our website by clicking here (NB: V1 working version, please consult the dedicated capacity page for corrections updates the coming days).
  • As a reminder, you will find all information concerning capacity on the dedicated capacity page by clicking here.
  • The CID for TimeTable 2023 Update and TimeTable 2024 is also published on our website on the 9th of January, you can directly consult it by clicking: