Publication of the PaP catalog TT 2022, Update of CID TT 2021 and CID TT 2022

We are pleased to announce that we published the following on our website: PaP Catalog TT 2022, CID's TT 2021 update and the CID TT 2022:

  • The PaP catalog for TimeTable 2022 is published in PCS this Monday 11th of January, you can access it in PCS by clicking here.
  • You can consult the summary in Excel that is published on our website by clicking here (if the file does not open, click on 'Save as').
  • As a reminder, you will find all information concerning capacity on the dedicated capacity page by clicking here.



  • The CID for TimeTable 2022 is also published on our website on the 11th of January, you can directly consult it by clicking:
    • CID Sections 1 to 4 TT 2022
    • In the light of the further simplification and digitalization, the content of the four books have been simplified and integrated in one CID book with four sections:
      • Section 1: Generalities
      • Section 2: Network statements excerpts: This will link to the NS published in the new NCI tool coming soon (see hereunder)
      • Section 3: Terminal description: List of the terminals is now in annex of the single CID document, and the terminals are also non-exhaustively displayed in the CIP
      • Section 4: Procedures for capacity & traffic management
    • The content of the CID sections will be published the coming months in the new Network and Corridor Information (NCI) tool. This new online tool will contain the content of the Network Statements (NS) of all IM’s as well as the content of all CID’s of all operating RFC’s. This tool will be accessible free of charge and will enable a dynamic search of the content of the NS and CID, as well as a ‘compilation’ of multiple NS or CID content into one document. This tool will be implemented soon, and we will inform you when the tool is launched.