Public consultation concerning EU Combined Transport - Survey on behalf of the European Commission

The public consultation regarding a possible amendment to Directive 92/106/EEC, on the establishment of common rules for certain types of combined transport (CT) of goods between Member States, is open till the 15th of December.

Please find all information below in the invitation we recieved.

We kindly invite you to participate directly in this consultation. We will be happy to exchange on your views in a next RAG and TAG.


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Dear Sir/Madam,
The European Commission (Directorate General for Mobility and Transport) is planning a possible amendment to Directive 92/106/EEC on the establishment of common rules for certain types of combined transport (CT) of goods between Member States.
To provide evidence for a possible proposal to amend the Directive and for the assessment of the impacts of the possible amendment, the Commission has contracted TRT Trasporti e Territorio (IT) and MDS Transmodal (UK) to conduct a survey of operators and stakeholders to gather further data on CT operations in all the Member States of the EU.
We would appreciate it if you could complete the questionnaire via the following link
The project that this survey will inform is briefly summarised in the attached letter from Sandro Santamato, the relevant Head of Unit at the European Commission, but please don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the project, the survey, or any responses that you might be able to provide.
Please, accept our apologies in case you received this e-mail twice.
Yours faithfully,

For any further information, please contact
Giuseppe Galli
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You are receiving this e-mail because the European Commission needs your support to prepare the most appropriate amendment proposal to support the European CT sector.

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