Declaration of foreseeable saturation on several sections as part of the pre-construction of the 2021 Timetable of Service

In accordance with the provisions of Article 26 of Decree 2003-194 relating to the use of the rail network translated into Article 4.4.3 of the Network Statement document (NS) applicable for HDS 2021, SNCF Réseau identifies several line sections as likely to be saturated at the end of the construction of the 2021 service timetable.

In this respect, SNCF Réseau makes a declaration of foreseeable saturation for each of the sections identified, the timetables and tracks concerned are detailed on the website of SNCF Réseau, see link below.

Reminder on the declaration of foreseeable saturation

The declaration of foreseeable saturation comes at the end of the HDS pre-construction period described in point of the Network statemen tDocument (NS) when SNCF Réseau considers that it is not technically capable of proposing train paths to cover the needs expressed in the 24-hour pre-construction graph.
This declaration of foreseeable saturation implies in particular an analysis of capacity and is intended to inform applicants for train paths of potential saturation on the section of line and at the timetable referred to above.

If the planned orders are confirmed (in number and/or characteristics) for the construction of the service timetable and/or in the event of failure of the coordination process during the construction phase described in point of NS 2021, SNCF Réseau will be required to confirm saturation by a declaration of saturation noted at the end of the HDS construction period in September 2020.

This would then imply, on the one hand, the application by SNCF Réseau of priority rules, in accordance with Article 22 of Decree No. 2003-194 and described in Article 4.4.3 of the NS 2021 in the section "allocation of capacity after observed saturation" and, on the other hand, the application of a saturation charge provided for in Article of the NS 2021, subject to the Transport Regulatory Authority's approval of the applicable scale.

All details can be found on the website of SNCF Réseau by clicking here (in French).