The Permanent Team, the members of the Management Board and the Executive Board, in cooperation with the Terminal and Railway undertaking Advisory Groups, will continue their mission of offering train paths, coordinating track works and monitoring performance in order to keep on facilitating international rail freight flows.


Capacity Intelligence
After the successful PoC (Proof of concept) of ‘Capacity visualization’, the work done resulted in a continuation study launched in 2022, in a consortium with RNE, where the Corridor launched a tender for a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) continuation study of this capacity visualisation.
In 2019, at the issue of the TAG in Lyon, a 'Quality Circle of Operations' , QCO, was launched to closely monitor the traffic of freight trains between the Terminals of Lyon and Bettembourg. The aim is to improve quality of the operations and punctuality at departure and arrival of the concerned Freigt Trains.