UPDATE: SNCF Réseau informs of an accident between Sarrebourg and Strasbourg

Update of the information as of 07/03/2022 evening:

Please find below the SNCF RESEAU update on the recovery of the network following the disruption between Hochfelden and Wilwisheim:

  • Traffic started again today with a reduced speed in the area (“signalisation présentée”). The first traffic shows that there are between 4 and 6 trains per hour. This needs to be confirmed over time;
  • The end of the infrastructure rehabilitation work has been postponed to 29 March. At that time, the speed limit will be 100 km/h.


Update of the information as of 04/03/2022 afternoon:

Following the telco organised by RFC NSM and SNCF R on 4th of March begin of the afternoon, please find following update:

The resumption of traffic is scheduled for Monday 7 March from 9am, in degraded mode with a flow of 4 trains per hour and per direction: 2 freight test trains are scheduled for this Friday afternoon to check that the tracks are in good condition and that the safety installations are working properly.

Work to repair the track, signalling and catenary system is scheduled to take place at night from Monday to Sunday, from 10pm to 6am from 7 to 13 March, from 9pm to 6pm from 14 to 20 March and from 10pm to 6pm from 21 to 27 March.


Update of the information as of 25/02/2022 at evening:

Following the SONAR teleconference with the RUs this afternoon, here is the latest information from SNCF Réseau:

  • Following an order to put a house in danger as a result of the incident, traffic is interrupted between Saverne and Mommenheim.
  • At this stage, traffic is expected to be restored by Monday 7 March morning.
  • Information is available in the Durandal IS (reference: 227838).
  • RUs are invited to express their needs for train diversions as soon as possible. Please indicate SONAR ALSACE in the comments of the requests

For the time being, SNCF R decided not to initiate an ICM, as it is in direct and close contact with the impacted Rus to offer re-routing alternatives. 

RFC NSM is closely involved in this consultation process, and will do its best to assist its member SNCF R as well as inform and assist all concerned stakeholders as soon as information updates are available.

Initial information of 24/02/2022 at noon:

SNCF Réseau informs us of an accident on a main line of our Corridor between Sarrebourg and Strasbourg:

This morning, an accident occurred between a TER train and a truck at Level Crossing 22 (between Sarrebourg and Strasbourg). 4 injured.

Train derailed. Damage at the Level Crossing, tracks and a catenary pole.

A house was hit and, given its condition, is at risk of collapsing (this point is to be confirmed).

Crisis management at national level (opening of the national system crisis room in addition to that of the NOC).

One of the two tracks could be repaired so that it can be taken in use again on Friday morning, if not Saturday morning.

For the second track, this will depend on the diagnosis, including that of the house.

The freight RUs have been questioned by the SONAR platform (operational platform between SNCF R and the Freight Rus). For the time being, they intend to wait for the restoration to be able to circulate again. No desire to divert.

For the time being, it has been decided not to launch the ICM procedure.