Update Implementation Plan & Message by the leaving members Network Rail and Eurotunnel/Getlink

With the withdrawal of the United Kingdom out of the European Union, and by consequence the leave as members of Network Rail and Eurotunnel, the content of the Implementation Plan (the former Book 5) has been adapted accordingly.

You can consult it directly by clicking here.

The leaving members Network Rail and Eurotunnel want by this occasion pass a message to all the stakeholders of the RFC North Sea-Med:

“It is with much regret that both Network Rail and Eurotunnel have had to leave the Management Board of the RFC North Sea – Med as part of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. With this development we have updated our implementation Plan to reflect these changes. It is noted that both Network Rail and Eurotunnel, together with HS1, Network Rail High Speed and the UK Department of Transport are developing coordination strategies for International Railfreight through the Channel Tunnel to and from Europe.

Although Network Rail and Eurotunnel left the corridor on the 1st January, the United Kingdom and their national rail network remains connected to the European rail network via the Channel Tunnel and open for international Railfreight traffic. Co-ordination of trains to and from the UK can still be facilitated and coordinated with the RFC North Sea-Med One stop Shop who will collaborate with both Network Rail and Eurotunnel to review capacity to best meet your needs.”