Publication of the Annual Report 2019

The year 2019 was a mixed year for RFC North Sea - Mediterranean in terms of both volume and punctuality.

In this year 2020, when the whole planet is hit by Covid-19, when the world economy has stopped, when we are all living the same existential experience with its uncertainties and anxieties but also its new solidarity, the year 2019 seems far away.

However, 2019 has seen upheavals with a serious impact on traffic, leading to a 4% decrease in total traffic on the Corridor compared to 2018. We can highlight for example the floods that led to long line closures, interrupting traffic to Spain, or the strike in France of a rare intensity that generated a drastic drop in traffic at the end of the year and a strong loss of credibility of the railways.

Yet a few initiatives taken in 2019 to improve the performance of the Corridor, the effects of which should begin to be seen in 2020, could well help us to make progress in this direction.

The Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Mediterranean annual report 2019 with full details, facts & figures, can be found using this link to our website:  or directly by clicking here.

We wish you a pleasant reading of this document and hope that, in 2020, we will continue to work closely together towards the successful development of the corridor.


Valérie Verzele, Chair of the Executive Board of RFC NSM

Michaël Dierickx, Chair of the Assembly of the Management Baord of RFC NSM

Yann Le Floc’h, Managing Director of RFC NSM