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Railway undertakings (RAG)

The railway undertaking advisory group works in close cooperation with RFC North Sea - Med. In order to consult railway undertakings, the Management board of RFC North Sea - Med organises meetings on a regular basis.

All presentations made during these meetings as well as the minutes of these meetings can be downloaded from this page.

RAG 19 September - Bettembourg

Minutes - To be added soon
0. Agenda
2. What's new on the corridor?
3. Action plan RFC NSM update ExBo 2017 09 19
3.1. Quality of the capacity - feedback TT 2018 & Strategy TT 2019
3.2. Coordination of works
3.3.1. ERTMS Situation in Luxemburg
3.3.2 Consultation ERTMS DAP_joint position_RFC2_RFC 1
3.3.2 ERTMS Deploytment Action Plan FeedBack RFC NSM
3.3.3 CNC & ERTMS coordinators invitation
3.4 State of play loading gauge discussions with RAG, SNCF R & CFF
5. Update on Corridor KPIs and Train Performance Management

(Point 1 and 4 were communicated orally to the audience)

RAG 25 January 2017 - Paris

Minutes - FINAL
0. Agenda
1. What's new on the corridor?
2. Action plan following previous RAG
2.1.Capacity Action Plan SNCF Réseau
2.2. Presentation Loading gauge

3. RAG expectations (Oral presentation given by RAG speaker)

4. Results Customer Satisfaction Survey
5. State of play of working groups: Coordination of works
6. Capacity Offer TT 2018 + preparation TT 2019
7. TSI OPE workshop EC: possible topics



RAG 11 October 2016 - Rotterdam

Minutes - FINAL
0. Agenda
1. Feedback presentation RAG Window in ExBo
2. What's new on the corridor?
3. Perspective 2020
4.1. State of play working group 'ETCS'
4.1. Annex 'ETCS' work plan 'ERTMS'
4.2. State of play working group 'TCR' (Ex 'Coordination of works')
5. Capacity
6. Feedback Consultations RAG members
7. TSI on noice
8. Introduction TAF TSI
Document supplied after the meeting by ProRail: Factsheet Moerdijk



RAG 24 May 2016 - London

Minutes - FINAL
0. Agenda
2. What's new on the corridor?
3.1 State of play working group 'Coordination of works'
3.2. State of play working group 'Capacity TT2016'
3.3. State of play working group 'ETCS'
4. Performance report 2015
5. Capacity TT2017, TT2018
6. Geographical Information System
7. Loading gauge study SNCF Réseau
8. Cross border operations
9. TSI on noise
10. Introduction TAF TSI

RAG 26 November 2015 - Brussels
What's new on the corridor
2015 customer satisfaction survey
Loading gauge works in France, capacity impact
Loading gauge enhancement studies
Capacity allocation, 2017 & 2018
2017 Corridor Information Document

RAG 27 May 2015 - Paris
How it started ?
Results of the customer satisfaction survey
Performance of the corridor in 2014
What's new on the corridor ?
Loading gauge enhancement studies
Impact on traffic of the works on the Ottignies-Namur-Charleroi triangle
Implementing ERTMS - Harmonisation of operational rules ?
Removal of the crocodile system in Belgium
Exchange on timetable 2016 PaPs
Consultation planning for timetable 2017 PaP
Results of the consultation on flexible PaPs
The Corridor Information Document

RAG 1 October 2014 - Rotterdam

Comparison technical characteristics RFC 1 & 2
Capacity allocation
Loading gauge enhancement
Extension of the corridor to the UK
Improvement of operations in ports
Participation of applicants other than RUs in the RAG

RAG 19 March 2014 - Brussels
Progress of the corridor
RAG WG Infrastructure upgrade
RAG WG Coordination of works
PAP catalogues update
CID 2015 & 2016
PCS feedback

RAG 2 October 2013 - Paris
Minutes (French)
Progress of the corridor
Overview of the CID
Capacity & traffic management
Reserve capacity
Transport market study
Working groups

RAG 29 May 2013 - Brussels
Minutes of the meeting (French)
Consultation on the Implementation plan
Capacity allocation - OSS
1st proposal for PaPs
Working groups

RAG 18 January 2013 - Paris
Minutes of the meeting (French)
Newsflash (French)

RAG/TAG 27 June 2012 - Brussels
Minutes of the meeting
Presentation of the corridor
Setting up the RAG
Corridor OSS & PaPs
Setting up the TAG
Transport Market Study